The exciting future of

I’m happy to share some great news. has partnered with another company, which is investing the resources to develop my long-term vision. New development has already begun.

Phase one:

The current plan is to first make some improvements to as it is:

  1. We are nearly finished updates to the installer and the code it installs on your servers for website links, so it supports more web hosts. This includes adding support for installing over sFTP and enabling manual installs without the installer.
  2. We are planning next to reduce the steps that it takes for you to do some things in the dashboard, like editing links. The idea is to make the current dashboard faster and more friendly, without a complete overhaul… yet.
  3. Then, we will be making retargeting simpler and GDPR compliant.
  4. Finally, we will be adding retargeting on website pages, in addition to the existing retargeting on website branded links.

Once that is done, we’re working on an entirely redesigned system that will serve everyone from Mom and Pop retailers to professional marketers, and even enterprise-level clients. We’ve already figured out what cutting-edge technology we will be using and what the basic plan is, and will start getting into serious design of that soon.

All this is subject to change, but this is the current plan. Stay tuned for more!