Huge speed improvements

This is just a quick notice to let you know we’ve made a lot of changes under the hood on the dashboard side over the last couple of months. Newer users probably won’t notice, but our older clients are seeing remarkably faster searches.

Here’s what we did:

  1. We upgraded each client’s database to a newer version that is faster and more capable.
  2. We moved from Rackspace to Amazon, which made everything snappier.
  3. We optimized every slow query we logged. The worst offenders are now an incredible 300 times faster.

Our older clients who have a lot of links and data were getting to the place where wasn’t able to search their databases at all. Now, they are seeing nearly instantaneous results again. This represents quite a lot of work involving multiple people. Thanks to everyone who helped to make things so much faster and thanks to our clients for staying with us while we worked through all these issues.